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Books Review – Midnight House

Midnight House – By Alex Berenson This is the second book about CIA agent John Wells. (I haven’t read the first – just…

Book Review – Untold Story – A Novel By Monica Ali

Book Review – Untold Story – A Novel By Monica Ali

  Untold Story – A Novel By Monica Ali THE BOOK cover of Untold Story displays a regal side photo of a crowned…

Books Review – Private London

Books Review – Private London

Private London – by James Patterson with Mark Pearson OUR CHOICE this month is the book Private London by the wonderful #1 bestselling…

Books Review – The Racketeer

Books Review – The Racketeer

The Racketeer – By John Grisham GRISHAM HAS done it again! This guy never slows down! The Racketeer has been out for awhile…


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UNDER LONDON’S streets in Winston Churchill’s World War II bunker, young techies are fighting a new kind of war. Bent over their computers in a steel-reinforced room, dozens…

INMATES at a Liverpool prison are said to be ‘enriching’ their diet by eating cockroach kebabs. Inspired by survival antics on the TV show I’m A Celebrity ……

THEY WERE a British family on a day out – almost a million years ago. Archaeologists announced in February that they had discovered human footprints in England that…

Catch up with all that you’ve been missing from the UK in February’s Union Jack!…


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Coronation Street Monthly Update March 2014

CORONATION STREET lost one of its best characters this month. After 16 years playing Hayley Cropper, actress Julie Hesmondhalgh left the show. There was no way that Hayley…

Coronation Street Monthly Update February 2014

HAYLEY’S GIVEN devastating news this month – she’s only got weeks left to live after a scan shows the cancer has spread to her liver, the chemotherapy isn’t…

Coronation Street Monthly Update January 2014

Coronation Street Monthly Update January 2014

IT’S THE run-up to Carla’s wedding to Peter and she’s wondering if she’s done the right thing in asking Hayley to create her dress when she sees Hayley’s…

Coronation Street Monthly Update December 2013

Coronation Street Monthly Update December 2013

POOR HAYLEY CROPPER. Struggling to cope with pancreatic cancer, she collapses and is rushed to hospital where she’s treated for an infection It brings Roy to his senses…


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