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Women Tried To Put Dead Wheelchair Relative On A Plane . . . ‘Asleep’

TWO women who attempted to put a sleeping relative on a flight out of Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport had EasyJet officials in a quandary when they could not wake the wheelchair bound man for a flight to Berlin. The women fervently claimed he was napping, but an investigation by the airline revealed the 91-year-old man […]

One Dr Who Marrying Other Dr Who’s Daughter

THE Doctor Who series seems to have a life of its own outside the television series, with the news that two former Dr Who’s will soon be father and son-in law. The tenth Dr Who, David Tennant, is engaged to marry the daughter of the fifth Dr Who, Peter Davison (who you may also remember […]

Homeless Man Saves Woman In River, But Has Clothes Stolen

WHEN a homeless man jumped into the river Thames to save a woman from drowning near Blackfriars Bridge, he received accolades of bravery from the Port of London Authority after holding onto her until a lifeboat arrived. Thanks to his efforts, a tragedy was averted,” said Martin Garside of the PLA, praising Adan Abobaker for […]

Mother Gets Chips, Pie And A Crocs Head ‘Thrown In’

ZOE Green’s visit to the local chip shop in Stafford, was enlivened by the appearance of a crocodile’s severed head lying on the pavement outside the fast food establishment. Her three-year-old son Austin, was fascinated with the open mouthed object and begged his mother to let him take it home. Suspecting it was a child’s […]

Man Robs Bank, Spends Loot On Drinks At Local Pub

BANK robber Christopher Allnut, 42, did not try to hide or run after holding up a Barclays Bank in Winchester. Infact, he remained loudly visible. He walked into a nearby Wetherspoon’s pub, The Gaol House, threw his ill-gotten gains in to the air and declared, “I’ve just robbed a bank and the drinks are on […]

Jean Still Has Her Christmas Tree From 1928

JEAN Eadie of Aberdeen, probably owns the oldest Christmas tree in Britain. Her parents paid a half-a-crown for the small artificial tree in 1928, and every year since, it’s been brought out highly decorated as part of the Eadie family Christmas festivities. The 85-year-old pensioner was three-years-old when the tree was bought and considers it […]

Today’s Britain: December 2010

Giant Boulder Covering Entrance To Burial Site SCOTTISH bistro owners who were curious about a large boulder that dominated the garden of their restaurant and holiday chalet rentals property in south Ronaldsay in the Orkneys, finally got round to investigating the strange rock last month. Hamish Mowatt pushed a piece of wire under the eight […]

Rare Naked Painting Of Sean Connery Turns Up In Scotland

A NAKED oil painting of Sir Sean Connery, has surfaced amongst the belongings of a retired Edinburgh art teacher who died recently. Rab Webster never sold or exhibited any of his paintings, but loved to indulge his passion for the fine arts. Sean Connery was an actor struggling to make financial ends meet as a […]

Bacon Burglar ‘Generously’ Leaves A Slice Behind

SURREY police are baffled by a recent burglary in Redhill, where an intruder broke in while the couple were fast asleep in their beds upstairs. Footage from a CCTV camera caught the man breaking in, but he has yet to be identified. Strangely, the place was not torn apart and the only things stolen was […]

‘Large’ Bus Drivers Suspended Until They Lose Weight

TWO rather large bus drivers in Blackpool, could lose their jobs if they don’t lose some weight. They were both sent home on full pay and told to lose at least 7lbs in a month as a sign of good faith. The anonymous pair are around 280lb, and have been told if they don’t comply, […]

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