Coronation Street Monthly Update January 2012

CIARAN AND Michelle forge ahead with their wedding plans and Michelle gives him a wad of cash to take to the hotel to put down the deposit on the wedding venue. Well, he puts the deposit down all right but not at the hotel. He loses the whole lot in a poker game in the back room of the Rovers. When Michelle finds out, she calls the wedding off and Ciaran’s off too as he leaves for a life on the ocean waves working on a cruise ship, leaving a teary Michelle all alone.

Julie and Brian cosy up on the Red Rec in the hope of seeing some UFO activity in the night sky. Tommy and Tyrone are there with their DIY UFO and it does the trick in making Brian believe he’s seen the real thing. Until he realises he’s been had and then his face takes a stern turn.

Lloyd’s crying over losing Cheryl and then he loses the plot. Chris comes to see what the fuss is all about and Lloyd punches him out cold. Chris gets taken to hospital and that’s when everyone finds out that his tumour’s receded and he’s been lying for weeks that he was getting worse just so Cheryl would stay with him. Thankfully, this storyline means that Chris, Cheryl and Russ Gray have all now left the Street. There was a superb bit of dialogue as Chris left the Rovers in his final scene after everyone found out what a cad he was. Owen: “You’re sacked!”, Jason: “You’re fired!”, Stella: “And just for good measure, you’re barred an’ all!”

Dennis is perturbed when a blast from his past, a woman called Norma comes looking for him.

Rita gets Dennis to meet Norma and it turns out that she was once engaged to Dennis but he did a runner on their wedding day when he knew he didn’t love her. Anyway, Rita makes Dennis have a heart to heart with Norma then afterwards Rita makes it clear, in a very subtle way, that she’s got feelings for Dennis too. He also makes it clear, in a less subtle man-way that he’s Just Not That Into Her because he’s scared he’ll do to Rita what he once did to Norma. Rita at least appreciates Dennis’ honesty and as he turns away from her outside of the hair salon on the cobbles, she mouths a silent and teary “Thank You” to him. That little scene almost broke my heart.

It’s all going on at the Platts this month when little Max and his bad haircut moves in. Kylie and David get custody of Max but they’ve only got him five minutes before he does a runner to the Rovers, the place he calls home. Kylie accuses Becky of kidnapping her son and then has to apologise to her big sister when Max is found safe and well, although still with the terrible hairdo.

Becky gets her divorce settlement from Stevey-boy and tells Tracy that she’s off to Mauritius to spend, spend, spend. “Where’s Mauritius?” she asks Roy later when she takes him out for a slap up meal he doesn’t want in the Bistro, money burning a hole in Becky’s pocket already.

And finally, Sophie’s not best pleased when Amber offers to go to the pictures with her until her old University mate Arj comes for a visit. And before you know it, Amber and Arj are getting jiggy upstairs in Amber’s flat. Sophie’s a bit peeved at being dumped by Amber as soon as Arj arrived, so with Arj and Amber upstairs having a bit of how’s your father, Sophie tells Dev just where his daughter is. Dev’s not best pleased and storms into the flat to find a half-naked Arj with his daughter. How’s your father now, Amber?

And finally this month, Deirdre announces that Ken’s got gout.

Glenda Young


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