Coronation Street Monthly Update March 2012

THIS MONTH we wave goodbye to Becky McDonald as she swaps the cold of the cobbles for the warmth of the sun in Barbados. And she goes out on a high, revealing that Tracy Barlow had lied about Becky pushing her down the stairs and making her miscarry Steve’s twins. Becky picks her moment to reveal this bombshell and for one minute it looks like she might reveal it in the middle of Steve and Tracy’s vows at the church. When the vicar reaches that part asking if anyone knew any just cause why these two should not be married in legal matrimony, Becky stands, coughs and then sits down again. She’s not ready to reveal things just yet, she keeps quiet until Steve is wed, saying: “Revenge is all the more sweeter when he’s chained to the cow.” It’s at the wedding reception in the Rovers when Becky shows Steve proof in the form of Tracy’s medical records that she’s nicked from the health centre. Steve’s stumped. How could he have ever believed Tracy, his new wife, who has lied about losing their unborn babies and blaming Becky for killing them when it was all just a lie? Welcome to your new married life, Stevey-boy! As Becky heads for the airport to start her new life with Danny abroad, Steve runs after her, begging her to forgive him, but Becky’s had enough and walks through the international flights gate and out of Steve’s life. But I’ve a feeling she’ll be back one day.

Elsewhere, Anna Windass dumps Owen when she finds out he’s hit little Faye. Faye’s obviously a disturbed little girl, and Owen was punishing her for poisoning his fish in an attempt to get Owen out of Anna’s life. But Owen went too far and lost his temper with Anaa’s adopted daughter. He later questions his morals and asks his daughters Izzy and Katy if he was such a bad dad when they were growing up. Their silence says it all before they give him a few home truths about his parenting skills.

Over at No 11, Eileen’s desperate to keep Paul and offers herself up to be a carer for his wife Lesley who has early-onset dementia. But caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease is a specialist task and one that Eileen has no experience of.

At Weatherfield Court, freaky Frank Foster’s rape trial runs and although he’s as guilty, lies through his teeth on the stand and the viewing public hate him, the jury declares him not guilty of raping Carla and he’s a free man.

At Roy’s Rolls, Roy’s mum Sylvia has her head turned by rich American charmer Milton who swans into the Rovers and captures her heart. “Milton Fanshaw the third,” he says, introducing himself to Roy who replies: “Roy Cropper, the first.” The one and only, more like. Roy’s taken with the affection that Milton shows his mum and tells Hayley, somewhat bemused: “He actually appears to like her!”

Over at the Rovers, there’s a new barmaid in the very shapely form of Sunita after she leaves her job in the corner shop because she’s sick of husband Dev. Sunita’s never pulled a pint before but knows how to pull the punters and sets to wearing a skimpy top and a big smile. Mind you, Dev’s not best pleased to find a cleavage with his wife behind it when he pops into the Rovers for a drink.

And finally, Tyrone’s girlfriend Kirsty finds out that she’s pregnant. Tyrone wants to finish with Kirsty because she’s overbearing and nasty and alienates all his friends but when he finds out he’s going to become a dad, Kirsty moves back into the house.

Glenda Young

At Prince Harry’s request, Mr Bolt signed a photo of a racehorse the prince has a stake in – named Usain Colt. The horse is owned by Ascot Racecourse and Prince Harry is believed to have joined is Birdcage Racing Club, paying a membership fee for a share of Usain Colt’s winnings.

It was a rare occasion for a royal to be questioned in public and Prince Harry told reporters: “I was told I wasn’t allowed to talk and nobody would ask me any questions – it’s going quite well.”

Asked what he thought about Jamaica’s world standing, the prince highlighted the country’s brain drain to the United States.

“This is a very small country, but it doesn’t matter how big you are, if you’ve got talent use it. Don’t go running off to America if you’ve got a clear talent your country needs.”

Prince Harry kissed the prime minister on both cheeks after she gave him a hug on the steps of her official residence, Devon House. They then held hands to pose for photos under a portrait of the Queen.

‘Take our destiny’

The prime minister has said it is time for her country to “take full charge of our destiny” and replace the Queen as head of state.

The prince responded to the prime minister’s hug by kissing both cheeks

The island achieved independence from Britain in 1962 but Ms Simpson Miller has suggested in a BBC interview that it is time for the Queen to be replaced by a home-grown head of state.

In her interview, the prime minister said her nation had come on a long journey out of slavery and now was the time to take full charge of their destiny and achieve full independence.

She first announced her desire for the Queen to be replaced as Jamaica’s head of state with a Jamaican president during her swearing-in ceremony in January.

After lunching with the prime minister, Prince Harry visited Bustamente children’s Hospital in Kingston and met Jamaican singing star Shaggy, who has raised £500,000 for the hospital with his Shaggy Makes A Difference Foundation.

Prince Harry’s arrival in the capital, Kingston, on Monday was greeted with a 21-gun salute by the Jamaican Defence Force.

The prince inspected a military guard of honour before being introduced to lawmakers and diplomats on the tarmac.

He was then driven in a motorcade to the residence of the governor general, the Queen’s representative on the island.

His tour is one of several being made by members of the royal family in 2012 as part of celebrations marking 60 years of his grandmother’s reign as monarch.

The prince has written thank you letters to the governor generals of Belize and the Bahamas expressing his enjoyment of the tour so far.

To Belize’s Sir Colville Norbert Young, he said: “In only 23 hours, I feel as though I have seen so much of Belize through the thousands of people who lined the way. I am hugely grateful for the very happy memories, and I’m very sad to leave.”

Prince Harry referred to the friendliness of the Bahamians and beauty of their islands in a separate message to Sir Arthur Foulkes.

“Sharing Monday morning with 10,000 children and young people was a real treat – thank you for being so much fun and making me smile for two full hours,” he said.

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