New York Brits/Anglophiles Get A Chance To Vote On Their Fave Comedy

Let’s get ready to rumble…WLIW21 presents “Battle of the Britcoms”

AFTER SUCCESSFUL on-air campaigns to save British dramas EastEnders and MI-5, WLIW21, in New York, is reaching out to British TV fans and viewers to determine the new addition to WLIW21’s Friday night (8-10pm) Britcom line-up!.

WLIW21 will air the first episode of four British comedy series: Old Guys, starring Roger Lloyd-Pack and Clive Swift; Waiting for God, starring Stephanie Cole and Graham Crowden; The Vicar of Dibley, starring Dawn French and Gary Waldhorn; and Miranda, starring Miranda Hart. In between each episode hosts Laura Savini and Mark Simone will provide background on the series and encourage viewers to vote. Episode details are below.

Viewers will be able to vote on and at 1-800-767-2121.

The winner will be announced on Friday, October 28 and will join WLIW21’s Friday night Britcom line-up in January.

WLIW21’s “Battle of the Britcoms” marks the exclusive US broadcast premiere of Miranda.

WLIW21 presents “Battle of the Britcoms”

Exclusive Premiere Friday, October 21, 8-10:30 p.m. on WLIW21

Old Guys “Sally’s Party”

Sally is having a party, and Tom and Roy are desperate to be invited. They offer to help her prepare, in the hope that this will secure them an invitation. Sally, meanwhile, is very keen for Amber, Tom’s daughter, to meet her successful and available son, Steve (Justin Edwards – The Thick Of It, Respectable). Tom approves, as this could help his own efforts to ingratiate himself with Sally. Tom and Roy’s efforts to get to the party are hindered when Tom joins Roy on his daily walk and falls and injures himself. Now Roy has to nurse Tom 24/7 and still help Sally with the party preparations. Even if they finally do get an invite, they realize they may have chosen the wrong day to have a competition to find out who has the strongest bladder…

Waiting for God #101

Tom is a reluctant new member of the Bayview Retirement Village. He meets Diana, a sharp-tongued spinster who lives next door. They strike up an uneasy alliance which portends many an adventure ahead.

The Vicar of Dibley “Arrival”

The Dibley Parish Council have requested that the Bishop provide them a new Vicar after the death of the nonagenarian Percy Pottle. However, when the new Vicar turns up on the doorstep of Parish Council Chairman, David Horton, he is astounded to find that their new man is a woman: Geraldine!

Miranda #101

After an impromptu ‘date’ is planned with long-term crush Gary Preston, Miranda decides to take a trip to the new ‘bespoke’ clothing store, Transformers, to pick an outfit guaranteed to stop people calling her sir to her face.


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